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Get the Best Audio for Your Video Games Using Gaming Headsets

While 4K gaming receives a large amount of attention these days, there’s another crucial aspect to maximizing your gaming experiences: superior gaming audio. To get fully immersed in your games a high-quality gaming headset is a must. Having the right gaming headset can make the difference between playing your games and jumping inside them. 

So whether you’re leading your squad into battle, running for that next touchdown, or speeding towards the finish line, hear every adrenaline-pumping explosion, crowd cheer, and acceleration using a gaming headset. 

Why use gaming headsets over other headsets? 

At their core, gaming headsets are essentially headphones with a microphone. The mic can be built-in, offering a unified form factor, or feature an adjustable boom-mounted mic. Both types will offer crystal clear communication with friends and other players during multiplayer gaming sessions. Gaming headsets are also optimized to give you the best audio sound possible for your games. Elevate your game by hearing every enemy footstep, and let thumping tunes motivate you to take down that challenging boss. 

Another essential feature to differentiate from other headsets is that gaming headsets have high battery life—many giving you up to 10 hours of game time. When you’re ready to take on a new level, or join your friends for an online raid, you need a long-lasting gaming headphone to keep you in the game. 

Types of Gaming Headsets 

When it comes to best gaming headsets, there are many different types for you to choose from. These include wired and wireless models, in-ear and over-ear, and Bluetooth gaming headsets. Another key consideration is choosing a gaming headset featuring noise canceling or sound isolating technology. Noise canceling headsets monitor the ambient sound around you and electronically phase them out of your audio. On the other hand, sound isolating headsets use material to naturally block most sounds around you, giving you clear audio without background noise. Many gaming headsets also come with convenient features like in-line controls and mute functionality for added flexibility. 

Universal vs Console-specific Gaming Headsets 

Deciding between a Universal gaming headset and console-specific ones is also important. Universal gaming headsets can connect to multiple different platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. In contrast, console-specific gaming headsets are usually optimized or only connect to one platform. If you own multiple game consoles you may want to consider getting different headsets for each, or pick up a Universal headset compatible with all. 

Many Top Manufacturers to Choose From 

Top manufacturers like Sennheiser, Logitech, Razer, Plantronics, and SteelSeries all have their own distinct styles too. With so much variety, it’s important to find a pair of gaming headsets that fits your needs and personal style. You can browse the different types on BestBuy.ca, or stop into a Best Buy store to try some on and find the gaming headset that’s right for you.

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