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The Importance of Gaming Keyboards

The keyboard is the primary way that most of us will interact with a PC, making the keyboard an important (but often overlooked) component. With PC gaming, that keyboard becomes even more critical. Playing PC games with a gaming keyboard offers significant advantages. 

A number of companies make specialized gaming keyboards. Switching to a gaming keyboard from Logitech, Corsair or Razer will not only up your PC gaming success, it is also more ergonomic. 

What to Expect From the Best Gaming Keyboards 

Gaming keyboards are much more than a standard keyboard, done up with cool LED lighting effects. A good gaming keyboard uses premium components to support the demands of PC gaming. N-Key rollover means you can hit multiple keys at once as a combo, and have them register without ghosting (having one of the key strokes not register). For example, 6-key rollover can register a combo of six keys being pressed simultaneously. Look for a wrist rest as well. A gaming keyboard with an integrated wrist rest reduces strain and fatigue. Many gaming keyboards also have integrated media controls. 


Backlighting is a great feature for any keyboard. But it serves an additional function with gaming keyboards, besides letting you play in the dark. Many keyboards use distinctive lighting for critical gaming-related keys like WASD. Some also support programming important key groups with different colours that are customized for specific games, making it easy to locate the keys at a glance. Every millisecond you aren’t searching for the right keys cuts your reaction time and improves your gaming success. 

Mechanical Gaming Keyboards 

Mechanical keyboards offer an accuracy advantage over standard keyboards. Because they use a mechanical switch instead of a membrane, accidental keystrokes are less frequent. They also provide superior tactile feedback. On the downside, mechanical keyboards are louder. There are different switch types that are used. Many of the best mechanical keyboards use Cherry MX Black mechanical switches because they are sensitive to touch for quick response times. Cherry MX Red switches are also popular, as they minimize noise, for a relatively quiet gaming keyboard. 

Wireless or Wired? 

Wired remains the preferred connectivity for gaming keyboards. Lag and interference can be the difference between victory and defeat in PC gaming, so the majority of gaming keyboards still use a USB cable to ensure the fastest and most reliable connection to the computer.

And at last, consider using a gaming mouse to get the best experience and to have an edge over other players, as these are designed to compete.

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