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Create with Graphic and Drawing Tablets

Graphics and drawing tablets are an essential tool for anyone working in the visual arts. Their pen-style format gives the user infinitely more control than a mouse or a trackpad, making them indispensable for people working in fields such as digital art, graphic design, and photography.

Tablets provide improved mobility and precision over your digital tools, and they offer a drawing feeling similar to what you'd expect from traditional pen and paper. Different models have varying levels of pressure sensitivity, which can provide even greater control of your results.

What's the difference between a graphic tablet and a drawing tablet?

The difference between graphic tablets and drawing tablets can vary based on brand and model. However, these loose categories can provide an easy way to filter your initial search for more professional digital art tools.

In general, a graphic tablet has a blank, solid surface that represents what you're seeing on your computer or laptop screen. Drawing tablets and pen displays, on the other hand, show you what you're working on in real time. A drawing tablet with screen will have a digital display, which help by showing an artist exactly where they're working.

Both graphic tablets and digital drawing tablets work with a stylus, though some models of professional tablets also have touchscreen capabilities.

What can you do with a graphic or drawing tablet?

Graphic and drawing tablets are the perfect medium for digital artists who draw, paint, letter, trace, and more. They're available at many different price points, so there are models available for beginner hobbyists and full-time creative professionals.

Unlike physical mediums, drawing tablets work along with software to create different effects—which means that you can switch from something like digital watercolours to digital calligraphy in an instant. You can draw, sketch, edit photos, and more with the natural comfort of holding a pen. Whether you're a beginner or pro, a graphics tablet can be your artistic conduit.

How to choose the right graphic or drawing tablet

The best drawing tablets and graphic tablets on the market share one thing in common: pressure sensitivity. The higher the pressure sensitivity level, the more accurate and tactile the experience becomes. This allows for precise finger and stylus control, creating realistic effects like brushstrokes and ink flow.

To choose the right graphic or drawing tablet for you, make sure to consider your budget, pressure sensitivity needs, and digital display needs. Then, select the ideal size for your work setup and get ready to create something new!