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Whether you want to enjoy a hot pressed sandwich for a snack or cook hamburgers for the whole family, you should check out Best Buy’s online selection of small indoor grills. With a compact design that fits into any kitchen, grills make it easy to cook up delicious food like panini, burgers, veggies and more in less time with less mess.

Healthier cooking

Almost all grills are made with a non-stick surface, so you can cook with little or no added fat. They also drain away the grease that comes from cooking hot dogs, burgers, and other meat, so you can enjoy a leaner meal that’s still flavourful and tasty.


A grill may be small, but it can cook almost anything without dirtying pots and pans or heating up the oven. The non-stick surface also makes it incredibly easy to clean with virtually no effort.


Some grills, such as a panini press, are specialized for certain types of food, but most can cook a wide variety of food, including hot dogs, chicken, pressed sandwiches, vegetables, and quesadillas. Open-style grills work well for meat and veggies and won’t crush thick items. Contact grills cook both sides of your food at once for speedy results, and they usually have a floating hinge to evenly cook differently-sized items at the same time.

Small and compact

Grills are a great option for spaces that don’t have room for a full oven and stovetop, so you can still enjoy juicy hamburgers and grease-free grilled cheese sandwiches in your dorm room or studio apartment.

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