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A Laid Back Look at Hammocks

What better way is there to enjoy the outdoors than relaxing in a hammock? Hammocks are perfect for lounging as you read, sip a frosty drink, catch a quick nap, or cuddle up with loved ones. You can even take one on camping trips in lieu of a sleeping bag or tent. Read on to decide which hammock will best suit your needs.

Things to Consider When Buying a Hammock

Most people are familiar with the traditional hammock: one that has a fish-net-like design and hangs between two trees. But nowadays, there are many different types, sizes, and choices of fabric.

Type of Hammocks

Spreader hammocks have wooden or metal bars on either end, perfect for a full body stretch out. Ideal for napping, the soft and comfy design of inline hammocks cocoons both sides of your body. Travel or camping hammocks boast a lightweight design, making them easy to pack and carry. Hammock chairs are can be suspended from a deck or ceiling and, like inline hammocks, surround you on both sides.

Hammock Size

Single hammocks are designed for solo hanging, while double hammocks let you snuggle up with a loved one. Jumbo hammocks are designed to accommodate multiple people, making them ideal for families

Hammock Material

Hammocks come in rope or fabric varieties, and choosing between them will depend on the type of environment you plan to put the hammock.

Rope hammocks are most commonly made with cotton and polyester. Cotton hammocks join together three layers designed to conform to every body type, but aren't water-resistant. Polyester hammocks are firmer and can better withstand the outdoor elements, but are also less stretchy and pliable than cotton hammocks.

Fabric hammock types include quilted, Brazilian, parachute nylon, and Sunbrella. Quilted hammocks consist of two layers of fabric sandwiching comfort batting, which keeps the material soft and strong. Brazilian hammocks are constructed with a thick, tight weave that minimizes airflow, so they're better suited to colder weather. Parachute nylon hammocks are one of the strongest of its kind and feature a moderate stretch that offers the ultimate in comfort. Sunbrella fabric is made from 100% solution dyed acrylic fibres and has the look and feel of cotton, but lasts longer.

How to Hang Your Hammock

Hammocks can be hung in two common ways: straps between two fixed points, or supported by a stand. Straps are designed to wrap around or hook to the ends of the hammock, and can be used on trees, posts, and walls. Stands are made of metal, steel, or wood, and can be used pretty much anywhere because of their freestanding design.

Hammock Safety Tips

While using a hammock is fun and relaxing, safety should always be a priority. Always follow the instructions included with your hammock, and ensure the hanging points of the hammock are within the recommended distance. If the hammock is stretched too far it could cause tipping, but if it's not stretched far enough, it could cause sagging. Install the hammock in a secure location, make sure it's properly fastened, supervise any children using it, and ensure you don't exceed the maximum weight capacity.

What is the difference between a hammock, hanging chair, and patio swing?

Relaxing in the great outdoors is as easy choosing from the many styles of hammocks, hanging chairs, and patio swings. While they are all types of outdoor seating, each have a few differences.

Hammocks are designed as a type of cradle seat you can swing or lounge in. A hanging chair is just as it sounds; a chair that hangs from a tree branch or is suspended on a frame. It can be made from fabric or rope and have a similar style to a hammock, but it’s designed as an upright seat.

Patio swings are similar in style to hanging chairs, but they are larger and generally have a bench seat with canopy. The seat is attached to a frame that allows the bench to swing back and forth, and it’s the perfect outdoor seating for two or three people.

Should you choose a hammock, hanging chair, or patio swing?

To decide whether you’d like a hammock, hanging chair, or patio swing, you’ll want to take a look at your outdoor space and decide how many people you’d like to seat. If you are mainly interested in a seat for one person, a hammock or hanging chair would be a cozy place to lounge. This type of outdoor seating is easy to fit in any space.

If you’d like a seat for several people to watch the sunset or swing on a hot summer day, a patio swing is a great choice. You’ll need to accommodate the larger size of patio swings as they do take up the same space as an outdoor couch, but they are well worth it in terms of relaxation.

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