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FAQ About Handheld Vacuums

For those moments when you need a quick cleanup, a handheld vacuum can come to the rescue. Whether you've spilled flour on the kitchen floor or tracked dirt into the car, you can save yourself the effort of lugging out your full-sized vacuum by whipping out a handheld vacuum cleaner instead.

What should I look for when buying a handheld vacuum?

Handheld vacuum cleaners aren't created equal, so consider these factors when choosing one for your needs.

Size and portability

Handheld vacuums are designed to be lightweight and easy to use. If portability is essential, look for a cordless model that makes it easy to go from room to room. A lightweight design that's less than 5lbs. will ensure it's not too heavy for extended use.

Battery life

When vacuuming, it's important the machine has enough power to get through quick tasks. Look for a vacuum with a sufficient run time so you don't have to recharge it after every small cleanup. If you don't like the idea of recharging, opt for a corded model.

Dust capacity

Unlike some full-sized vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuums don't require bags. They collect dust into a receptacle, which needs emptying. A clear dust container makes it easy to see when the vacuum is full.


Attachments can transform a handheld vacuum into a versatile machine. Look for tools that can clean upholstery or get into tight crevices, so you can vacuum everything from your mattress to that dusty spot under the nightstand.

Do I need a handheld vacuum if I already have a full-sized vacuum?

You may think a handheld vacuum cleaner is unnecessary, but it can be a lightweight alternative to a cumbersome full-sized vacuum. For cleaning stairs, furniture, or small spills, a handheld vacuum can tackle the job easily.

How can I use a handheld vacuum as a car vacuum?

You can easily take a cordless handheld vacuum to the car to clean dirt off the seats, floor, and car mats. Some dedicated car vacuums can plug into your vehicle, so you don't have to worry about charging it up before your next cleanup.

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