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  • A Quick Look at Home Theatre Accessories

    If you’ve got a home theatre system set up, chances are you’re enjoying the best possible entertainment. However, you can enhance and protect your devices with a slew of home theatre accessories from Best Buy. From cables and connectors to remote controls and wireless media receivers, you’ll be able to make using your home theatre components safer and easier with accessories from Rocketfish, Monster, Logitech, Samsung, RCA, Sony, Dynex, and more.

    Learn More about Home Theatre Accessories

    Perhaps the most popular accessory for your home theatre setup is cables. In order to enjoy the best high-definition sights and sounds, an HDMI cable is a must-have. And if you’re looking to hook up other components like your VCR, DVD player, or stereo, there are a wide variety of cables for all your components.

    The right remote control can make operating your home theatre components a cinch. A universal remote can even give you the power to replace the pile of remotes you’ve no doubt collected with each new component. One remote to rule them all.

    A surge protector is one of those accessories that you can set up and forget about. With so many components that make up a home theatre system, you’ll need a power bar to accommodate them all, and if you pick up a surge protector you’ll be able to keep everything safe from power spikes and brownouts.

    Other accessories you might need are 3D glasses if you’ve got a 3D-friendly setup, as well as DVD/CD towers, video splitters and switches, or dongles to enable features like Wi-Fi in some devices. Plus, cable management products help keep cables looking neat and organized.