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iPhone XS Max: The Bigger They Come, the Better They Are

If you love the iPhone and want a smartphone that'll blow you away, you need to check out the iPhone XS Max. This phone lives up to its name by giving you the maximum iPhone experience with a big, beautiful display, high-powered performance, and an incredible set of cameras. 

Super Retina Display: Your Eyes Will Thank You 

We could throw a bunch of numbers at you like 6.5" Super Retina custom OLED display, 2688 x 1242 resolution, and 458 pixels per inch, but when you see the iPhone XS Max in person there's one thing that overshadows everything else: this is one of the best smartphone screens you'll ever see. 

The massive size, the startlingly vivid colours, and the crystal clear details all combine to create a panorama that's a feast for the eyes. You'll eventually have to blink, but you won't want to. 

A12 Bionic Processor: Maximum Speed and Performance 

Apple's A12 Bionic processor is up to 15% faster than the A11 Bionic in the iPhone X, yet it somehow uses 50% less power. Yes, that's right–the iPhone XS Max's processor is more powerful than its predecessor, yet it helps provide better battery life. 

The new processor works hand-in-hand with Apple's Neural Engine, which is designed for real-time machine learning. This allows the iPhone XS Max to understand patterns, learn over time, and make predictions like humans do. This enhanced intelligence creates enhanced performance in games, photos, and cool features like augmented reality (AR). 

Dual-Camera System: Twice as Amazing 

Take two 12MP sensors (with one wide-angle lens, and one telephoto lens), add cool features like Smart HDR and changing depth control after you snap a photo, mix in the incredible processing power of the A12 Bionic processor and Neural engine, and what do you get? The iPhone XS Max's exceptional rear-facing camera system. 

The front-facing gives you a great experience as well, with a 7MP wide-angle lens, all-new video stabilization, 1080p HD video, and the ability to create your own personalized emojis. 

Cases and Screen Protectors: Better Safe than Sorry 

The iPhone XS Max is a stunningly beautiful, and with the help of a case and screen protector you can keep it looking gorgeous for a long time to come.