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iPhone: The Smartphone That Changed the Game

The iPhone is probably the most iconic smartphone in the world. A device that has set the tone in mobile since it first launched, it is the metric from which all other handsets are measured. Now with an advanced mobile operating system in iOS and the App Store, an iPhone is capable of delivering a wealth of communication and connectivity.

An evolutionary path

When Apple first launched the iPhone back in 2007, it revolutionized what a smartphone could be, and the App Store that followed in 2008 took the device to another level, transforming mobile connectivity in incredible ways.

From the 3.5-inch displays of the first few years to the current and sharper 5.5-inch displays you see in the Plus versions, the iPhone has grown physically in dimensions, while gaining in stature along the way.

A full lineup to choose from

From one device a decade ago, there are now a handful to choose from. Go big with the iPhone 7 Plus or 6s Plus, or keep it in the middle with the iPhone 7 or 6s and their respective 4.7-inch displays. Go even smaller with the iPhone SE, made for those who want the more traditional 4-inch display.

Choose the colour you want and make your iPhone a reflection of your taste. Gold, silver, rose gold, black, jet black—they all add some flair to a device that already has plenty of it on its own.

The power of iOS

The face of the iPhone, iOS is an advanced platform that makes the device do amazing things. Millions of apps to choose from. More games than you can imagine. Plenty of ways to help your phone do more. Message and video chat with anyone in the world, shoot photos and video no matter where you are and control smart devices at home and abroad.

Listen to music, no matter if you download or stream it, and take your tunes with you on the go. Play your hits in the comfort of home, streaming it to wireless speakers over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Playback video from your device to your TV through an Apple TV over AirPlay.

Accessorize it your way

There are no shortage of options to personalize or enhance your iPhone. Put a case on it for a new look or serious protection. Stick a screen protector to save it from scratches. Give your battery a boost with a portable charger you can take with you. Pick up another cable you can use to charge in the car or at work.

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