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Mixing it Up with Blenders and Juicers

You’ll be able to create a wider variety of dishes with a blender or juicer in your kitchen arsenal. Blenders are excellent at crushing, pureeing, and of course blending different ingredients together – even ice! On the other hand, juicers can turn everything from a carrot to fresh blueberries into a delicious drink that will make you salivate. With top brands like KitchenAid, Hamilton Beach, Breville, and Cuisinart to choose from, there’s a kitchen appliance to suit every taste.


A blender is used to puree, mix, and emulsify food. Heavy-duty blenders have ultra strong blades that are also capable of smashing through ice for cold drinks in an instant. You can pulverize nuts to use as cake toppings or quickly blend together herbs, eggs, and olive oil for a tasty sauce.


A great way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet is to invest in a juicer. There are several kinds of juicers that use different techniques to extract juice from fruits and veggies, but all of them are capable of giving you nutrient rich liquid that can be used in smoothies, baking, cooking, or enjoyed simply as a juice drink.

Dinner Ideas

There are so many things you can do with a blender and juicer. Some blenders can handle hot temperatures, so when you’re done cooking vegetables together in a flavourful broth, transfer the mixture into a blender, and pulverize them together to create a silky smooth soup. Use the juicer to treat yourself to a fresh squeezed orange juice or get creative and mix the different veggies in your fridge!