Keyboards & Digital Pianos


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1 - 32 of 266

Tickle the Ivories

Channel your inner Beethoven with a wireless keyboard. These pianos are smaller and lighter than their grand piano cousins, but they can still produce the same beautiful sounds found in everything from classical to jazz music. Find the right keyboard at Best Buy, where the selection spans renowned brands like Yamaha, Casio, Korg, Spectrum and more.

Digital Pianos

A digital piano is a modern alternative to the traditional piano. It sounds and feels just like a real piano, but is considerably lighter and has no strings. If you’re just starting to learn, but don’t have the budget or space for a baby grand, a digital piano could be a great choice for you.

Electric Keyboards

Electronic keyboards can do a lot more than your average piano. Built-in software allows you to do things like select tones, effects, and even what instrument sound you want the keys to produce when you play them.


Synthesizers can imitate and produce a number of different sounds. These keyboards have built-in sound programs that can be used for creating rhythmic or bass effects, playing the main melody of a song, simulating bass sounds, and so much more.