FAQ About Camera Lens Hoods

Ever taken a photo that looks fine in your viewfinder when you snap it, but comes out with an intrusive blotch of light? That's called an "artifact" and it's caused by lens flare. Camera lens hoods prevent lens flare and those uninvited streaks of light in your photos. Let’s answer a few question about this useful camera lens accessory.

What is a camera lens hood?

A lens hood is a device that wraps around the barrel of your camera lens to prevent glare and lens flare. It shields the lens front unwanted light, as well as protecting the lens from accidental damage.

When do I need a lens hood?

Photographers use lens hoods as both a preventative measure and an artistic one. As previously mentioned, lens hood reduce lens flare and uninvited bright light in your photo composition. But a keen photographer will also use a lens hood to bring in and manipulate light in their favour, creating a unique photograph.

What do I look for before buying a lens hood?

The key to buying a lens hood is finding the right size to match your camera lens. Make sure the lens hood is appropriate for whether you are using a zoom lens or a fixed-length lens on your camera. And if you're using a wide angle lens, find a lens hood that doesn't impede your field of vision.