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Messenger bags store your daily gear in style

Out of all of the bags you could carry every day, a messenger bag is the one bag for everyone. Not only do they hold your laptop, documents, and all of the extra gear you need to get through your day, they’re so stylish you’d never know you were carrying it for anything other than how it looks.

What is a messenger bag?

A messenger bag is a large bag with a long strap. The strap is meant to be worn across the body. You can find messenger bags made from materials including canvas, leather, or man-made fabrics. Both men and women love messenger bags for their vintage feel and rugged style.

Messenger bags may also be called satchel bags, but the two are slightly different. Satchel bags are open bags with a long strap as well, but they don’t have the unique compartments that make a messenger bag so efficient.

What kind of things should I put in my messenger bag?

With their roomy interior and specific compartments, messenger bags are designed for everyone from the business professional, professional traveler, or busy student. You can find different sizes of messenger bags to accommodate specific laptops, and they have a padded laptop sleeve in case of bumps or drops throughout the day.

For documents, there are sleeves and multiple zippered slots to safely store paperwork. If you’re traveling with your messenger bag, there’s also spots for easy access to your phone, passport, and other travel necessities.

When is it appropriate to wear a messenger bag?

Messenger bags are becoming so popular you’ve probably already spotted someone opening one up at a formal business meeting or on your daily commute. Leather messenger bags, with their rustic, hammered leather style, are considered to be the hot new briefcase. These over the shoulder bags are the perfect accessory for men and women, and you’ll spot them everywhere from a formal business meeting to a casual dinner and drinks.

Leather messenger bags are also one of the most frequently carried bags at airports. For travel, you can’t beat a messenger bag for ease of access to all of your documents and laptop.

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