Mixers & Food Processors


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Mixers and food processors

When it comes to helpful tools you absolutely need to have in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with mixers and food processors. Mixers are handy gadgets that will blend and whip so you don’t have to mix by hand, while food processors let you toss the knife so you can chop and mince ingredients in a flash.

Save time on chopping and dicing

Food processors have the power to make food prep quick and easy. They use different attachments to perform different jobs, and they have the power to puree vegetables and fruit, grind up meat, grate cheese, and even knead dough.

Size and power matter

When choosing your food processor, you want to be sure you pick a model that has the capacity and power you need. Most food processors will offer you a 7 to 10 cup capacity, with some models having up to a 20-cup capacity. How often you cook and many ingredients you need to prep will be deciding factors when it comes to choosing size.

Power is important in a food processor too. Most 400-watt food processors will give you enough power to chop, grind, and grate with ease, but if you’re a foodie who likes to experiment in the kitchen, you’ll want to upgrade to a model with 750 watts.

Blend anything fast

A mixer is a must-have in any kitchen, and you can choose between the hands-free convenience of a stand mixer or a hand mixer you can store easily in your drawer. Whichever you choose, a mixer will make quick work of any blending, beating, or whipping you want to do.

Stand mixers don’t take up a lot of real estate on your cupboard and they let you have continuing mixing while you perform other tasks. For fast and easy use, hand mixers are powerful little machines that are comfortable to hold and easy to use. They have stainless steel beaters and five speeds to make quick work of whatever you’re mixing.

Stylish accessories for any kitchen

Accessorizing your kitchen is a snap with mixers and food processors. They’re built for power but they have style to spare, and you can find both mixers and food processors in hot colours to match any kitchen.

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