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  • FAQ About Motherboards

    If you've ever wondered what lies at the very core of your desktop or laptop PC, the answer is simple: it's the motherboard. It forms the heart of the computer, connecting to the other main components and allowing them to work together in harmony.

    What is a motherboard?

    The motherboard is a printed circuit board that connects to the main components of your computer (like the CPU/processor, RAM, hard drive, graphics hardware, and more). The motherboard distributes power to these components and lets them communicate with each other.

    When would I need to buy a motherboard?

    If you're putting together a new computer a motherboard is an essential part that you can build the computer around. Also, if you're doing an extensive upgrade you might need to get a new motherboard because certain newer components might not be compatible with your old motherboard.

    What should I look for when shopping for a new motherboard?

    Since the motherboard serves as a vital hub for the rest of your computer, you should make sure your new motherboard has all the proper slots and connectors so it can work with your CPU, RAM, hard drive, graphics hardware, etc. You'll need the right socket processor for your CPU and the proper chipsets to work with the other components.

    Another thing to look for is certain onboard features that are fully compatible with the main components. For example: the northbridge connects directly with the CPU, RAM, and graphics port, and the southbridge links with the hard drive controller, I/O controller, and integrated hardware. Make sure to choose a motherboard with a northbridge and southbridge that work properly with the other components of your computer.

    A computer used for gaming or other high-end, intensive tasks requires more features, a larger size, and higher-quality construction. Keep all your components in mind so the motherboard you choose has the right balance of features and functions for its price.

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