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Maximize Gameplay with Nintendo Switch Accessories

The Nintendo Switch is a portable, multiplayer machine designed to let you and your friends play almost anywhere. Whether you connect it to your TV for console-style action at home, or use it for on the go fun, there are a wide range of accessories to help you protect your Nintendo Switch and enhance your gaming experience.

Additional Controllers and Cables

The Joy-Con controllers come attached to the Nintendo Switch and can be used for 1-player fun or split up for 2-player co-op or head-to-head. But if more friends come over to play, you will need more Nintendo Switch Controllers, and additional USB cables for charging them. Consider getting longer cables or portable chargers to keep your controllers topped up while you play, or a charging dock to power up several controllers at the same time.

Specialty Controllers

While the standard Joy-Con controllers work well with any game, specialty controllers offer better handling, extra buttons, and more to give you a competitive edge. Such specialty controllers include the Joy-Con Wheel, a steering wheel-like controller that allows you to steer in games such as Mario Kart, and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, a more traditional controller design that comes with contoured grips, analog sticks, ergonomic button layout, and HD rumble.

External Storage

The Nintendo Switch comes with 32GB of internal storage but is expandable up to 2TB, so if you are interested in downloading your game library from the Nintendo Game Store, you may want to consider acquiring a microSDHC or microSDXC card. Be sure to get a storage card with a speed class of at least 10 for a fluid gaming experience.

Custom Skins for Controllers and Consoles

Custom skins, faceplates, and other customization accessories are an excellent option if you want to showcase your favourite virtual hero or personalize the look of your console and controller. You’ll also enjoy the added benefit of improved grip, scratch protection, and hand-oil resistance.

Other Nintendo Switch Essentials

The Nintendo Switch has a smooth, pristine screen that you’ll want to maintain, so a screen protector is an absolute must. If you are planning to tote your console around for on-the-go gameplay, consider getting a travel case. Travel cases range in size and capacity, so you can stow just your essential gaming gear, or your entire collection of Switch accessories.

If your gaming campaigns are intense and drawn out, you should consider investing in rubberized grips for your Joy-Cons to prevent sweaty hands impacting comfort and tactility.

The Nintendo Switch has a battery life of up to 6 hours, so a portable charger is essential if you frequently play on the go. If the bulk of your gaming sessions take place on buses and trains, a good pair of gaming headphones will immerse you in your game without distracting other commuters.