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Play at home or on the go with a great selection of Nintendo Switch Controllers

Nintendo has always been known for being innovative and unique in their approach to controller design, and the Nintendo Switch console is no different. From the incredibly versatile new Joy-Con controller to the fan-favourite Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, there is truly a wealth of novel and fun experiences to be had on the Nintendo Switch and its accessories.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller

The Joy-Con is easily the most versatile and unique controller Nintendo has ever developed, and that’s saying a lot. Each individual Joy-Con can function on its own, but they work even better in pairs, which is how they are typically packaged.

When the Nintendo Switch is in handheld mode, two Joy-Con’s slide and attach to the console—one on each side—providing a standard handheld console configuration. However, the Joy-Cons can also be detached and played wirelessly, separated from the console, both in docked mode as well as undocked (with the screen resting on its built-in kickstand).

When used in pairs Joy-Cons are essentially equivalent to a traditional game pad, with a full suite of joy sticks, d-pad, and shoulder buttons. New Switch consoles even come with a grip for combining two Joy-Cons in this fashion. However a single Joy-Con may also be played while held horizontally, simulating something more akin to an older gamepad with a single directional joy stick, 4 front buttons, and two shoulder buttons

Other features of the Joy-Con

The amazing versatility of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller doesn’t stop there however. Each Joy-Con also features motion control and rumble support—not unlike the Nintendo’s former WiiMote. This unlocks a whole new style of gameplay that is especially well suited for multiplayer and party games that are always so popular on Nintendo platforms.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons also come in a variety of colours, with Nintendo consistently releasing new styles for consumers to choose from. Picking out your favourite colour can be a lot of fun, and many players love to obtain extra Joy-Cons in multiple shades to mix and match when they play.

Keeping your Joy-Cons charged

On average the Joy-Con battery lasts about 20 hours, depending on the software being used. They take approximately 3-4 hours to fully charge, but that can depend on the method of charge being used. There are multiple ways to keep a Joy-Con charged up.

When the Nintendo Switch is in docked mode, any Joy-Cons attached to the console will automatically receive a charge (whether you are playing or the console is in sleep mode). This is typically the easiest way to charge a pair of Joy-Cons—although it does mean that you will need an alternate pair of Joy-Cons or other controller if you are playing at the same time.

There are also versions of the Joy-Con grip that provide a charge while connected. You can use the charging Joy-Con grip to charge while playing (so long as you don’t mind being tethered to the charging cable), or simply plug it in after playing to let the Joy-Cons charge while resting.

Finally, a number of charging dock stations are also designed specifically for Joy-Cons, some of which can charge up to four Joy-Cons simultaneously. These are particularly useful for players who own a large number of Joy-Cons—especially when they want to keep them all charged and ready for large multiplayer play sessions in games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Super Mario Party.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch has another option for those who prefer a more standard take on the modern controller. The Pro Controller adopts the style favoured more broadly by the industry at large, closely resembling the shape and button configuration of popular controllers like Sony’s Dual Shock 4. It plays wirelessly and can be charged using the same USB Type C cable that charges the Nintendo Switch console itself.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is well known for its excellent battery life. It takes roughly 6 hours to fully charge, but is reported to last as long as 40 hours on a single charge—significantly longer than other similar controllers with internal batteries. This feature combined with its quality construction is why many players laud the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller as their favourite modern gamepad.