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Bring the nursery together with a nursery rug

What is a nursery rug and why would you get one?

A nursery rug, mainly used to decorate the nursery, is a rug that you set down in your baby or child's nursery to cover an area or the entire floor.

A nursery rug ties a room's theme or colour scheme together nicely, and that might be the sole reason you want one. But they also serve the dual purpose of being a warm and soft place for your toddler to play, or for you to sit with your baby for tummy, stretching, and/or activity time. 

What types of nursery rugs are available?

Rugs for kids' rooms come in various sizes. They start at smaller kids' area rugs that measure about 39" x 36" and can sit in the middle of, or dedicated spot in, a large room or occupy the majority of the floor in a smaller room. And they go up to larger 78" x 60" nursery rugs that are ideal for full floor cover or extra-large nurseries.

They are usually square or rectangular in size though you can find unique options with fringed or scalloped edges. Usually made of a material like cotton, there are also thicker plush or TPU foam options. In most cases, however, they are machine-washable, durable, free of any toxic materials or dyes, and safe to use on all floors.

Styles vary from solid colours to fun or chic patterns and even activity rugs that can aid in exploratory and educational play. Baby room rugs might have images of dinosaurs, robots, or roads for driving toy cars, for example, or numbers or letters for learning

What should you consider before choosing the right nursery rug?

The most important thing to consider is size: how big is the nursery and where do you want to place the nursery rug? Lay tape to visualize the size that would fit best before choosing. Style, colour, and design are also critical, ensuring that it fits with the theme of the room or at least the colour. Some kids' rugs are versatile enough in design that you could relocate them to another room of the home, like the living room or den, once you are ready to redesign the nursery.

If you expect spills, dirt, and grime that a vacuum won't be able to tackle on its own, the best rugs for nursery rooms are machine washable; hypoallergenic material is a plus along with border binding to prevent the edges from fraying over time. Another useful feature is a skid-proof backing to keep the rug firmly in place, especially if it won't be placed under furniture, like a crib or change table.

Finally, ask yourself how to plan to use it. If you want to sit on the floor with your baby or have two toddlers playing together, look for thick, soft, and cushioned material that will be extra comfortable. If it's merely for aesthetic purposes, a thinner rug might suffice.