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Office Chairs for the home

Get Comfortable in Your Home Office

From hard-backed task chairs, to gaming chairs, to executive chairs and ergonomic ones, shop a wide selection of seating to complete your home office.

Find the right office or ergonomic chair to fit your home office, choosing from a wide selection at Best Buy to suit various needs. From high-backed, cushioned leather executive chairs, to task chairs for your guests, and ones that provide additional lumbar support for your extra-long work days, there’s something for everyone.

Choose Your Style

Opt for a larger, upholstered executive chair for a professional-looking home office, a simple task chair, or find a good middle ground with a mesh chair that adds the advantage of better air circulation. If you have back problems or tend to be seated for long periods of time, there are ergonomic chairs that can help improve posture, offer additional lumbar support, and can tilt and/or have adjustable arms. Grab a few guest chairs so clients have somewhere to sit when they visit for short meetings, too.

Consider Specific Features

Consider features like material, swivel capability, and a footrest. If you have young kids at home, you might also want to consider a material that is easy to clean in the event of an accidental spill. Most office chairs also have adjustable heights and backs to help ensure your feet are resting flat on the ground, thus reducing strain.

Ask Yourself

There are a number of questions you need to ask before purchasing the right office chair. How much room do you have in the office? Do you tend to get an achy back, or are you prone to carpal tunnel syndrome? If so, ergonomic features will be important. Do you work for long periods of time at your desk, or do you often move around?

How important are features like the ability for the chair to swivel or tilt? If you like to sit back while going over documents, you’ll appreciate tiltability. And if you’re often moving around, looking at multiple screens, turning to access a printer, shredder, or other device, a chair that can swivel would come in handy. Lastly, if you want a unique look and feel, consider choosing a gaming chair: it’s built for comfort and mobility, making it ideal for office duties.

Make sure to measure a chair before choosing to ensure it fits nicely with your desk, and try out the chair for comfort and adjustability. This will be a seat you’ll be parked in for many hours, many days of the week. So choose wisely, and find the best one to suit your needs. But once selected, a great office chair can help the workday fly by!

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