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Get Cozy with Outdoor Cushions

With the help of a few comfy outdoor cushions, spending time outside can be just as comfortable as spending time in your own home. Patio cushions are a great way to create a cozy gathering place, and can last for years with proper care. Some are great for travel; others, for sitting on your front porch, but every outdoor pillow has one thing in common: they sure do feel better than sitting on bare wood!

Create an Outdoor Living Room

Creating an inviting outdoor space is a lot like creating an inviting indoor space. For a cozy effect, you don't just need a comfy cushion—you need a space that looks and feels inviting.

Patio cushion sets can be a great way to give your patio furniture a cohesive feel. They make mismatched pieces look like they're from the same collection, and draw family and friends in with their eye-catching colours and patterns. The right cushion set for you will not only fit your furniture, but it'll speak to your personal style, whether that means it's in your favourite shade of red or your favourite floral print.

With the added comfort of an outdoor cushion, guests and family members can stay for longer, lingering over snacks and good conversation.

Match your Cushions to your Outdoor Furniture

To choose the right outdoor cushion for your yard, you need to start with your furniture. The shape of your cushion must match the shape of the chair that it's intended for: Adirondack chair cushions are a different shape from outdoor bench cushions, and patio chair pads are something else entirely. Check to see what shape will match the seat of your furniture, and if the cushion needs to go up the back of the chair as well.

What to Look for in an Outdoor Pillow

When you're making the final decisions for your outdoor pillows, make sure to look at the cushions' features. Many cushions need to be stored in a dry place when they're not in use, which might mean that you need to search for a backyard trunk, as well. Others are weather-resistant, so they can stay out in the rain.

A common finish for outdoor seat pads is linen or linen-look fabric, which is comfortable and easy to clean. It wicks sweat and moisture away from your body, and though it needs to stay dry, it launders easily at home. Always check to make sure that your outdoor pillows have a care level that you can keep up with, because it will help you enjoy them for as long as possible.