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Patio Sets For an Outdoor Living Space Tailored to your Indoor Comforts

When the weather turns for good, what better way to commune with Mother Nature than by taking your indoor activities outside with the right patio furniture or set that suits how you see outdoor living. Bachelors and couples with smaller balconies can jazz up their space with a patio set comprised of a chic bistro table and two chairs, perfect for lounging with a coffee and newspaper on Saturday morning or sharing an evening glass of merlot with a friend. Families and people who love to entertain outdoors will love a larger outdoor dining or lounge set with a spacious table and plentiful, comfortable chairs. Kids will love doing arts and crafts in the sunshine after school, and parents can enjoy post-dinner chats together with coffee, sitting under the stars.

Bistro Sets

Host both casual and sophisticated gatherings in style with a patio bistro set, an ideal patio set choice if you’re living in an apartment or condo with limited balcony space, or want to create an intimate outdoor setting for two. These chic and compact patio sets suit any smaller home or household. Look for space-saving hexagonal or round tables that offer enough room for seating and dining with a small family or a few close friends. Some designs feature stacking chairs and tables made to fit and contain each other for easy stowaway.

Lounge Sets

Kick back and relax to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, a snifter of brandy on cool summer nights or whatever floats your boat when you want to spend time with your besties on cushy lounge sets that offer a more relaxed atmosphere than dining furniture. Sectional three- or four-piece cushioned seating is well-suited for intimate get-togethers or long chats, providing space in the relaxing comfort of outdoors for people to sit comfortably and unwind. Consider solidly constructed pieces, cushions and umbrellas if you like to linger outside, no matter the weather.

Dining Sets

Cast a soft (moon)light on your social gatherings with tasty dishes spread out on a comfortable, well-crafted patio dining set designed to withstand the weather outdoors. A seven-piece set is great for hosting large group dinners or impromptu backyard picnics in congenial weather, while a smaller five-piece set suits more intimate gatherings and dinner dates with loved ones. For a casual, traditional look that’s also naturally weather-resistant and sturdy, go for wood materials like teak, cedar or pine. Woven resin fibers provide a modern twist on a contemporary wicker design, and molded resin lends a unique, durable and long-lasting construction and aesthetic for your patio.

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