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Your Guide to Patio Storage Boxes

If you love spending time outdoors with friends and family, you’re bound to have a few items that live in your backyard. Patio storage boxes, also known as deck boxes, are the perfect place to store your outdoor equipment, kids’ toys, and patio furniture cushions.

Why use a patio storage box?

Creating a beautiful space outdoors takes time. From picking out the perfect firepit to finding the coziest couch imaginable, a lot of work goes into making sure your backyard space is just right.

Patio storage boxes are a great way to preserve that space throughout the seasons. They store cushions and pillows when they’re not in use, so they stay bright and clean for longer. Storage boxes are also a great design choice, with their tidy lines and opaque finish. It’s easy to hide messy items or old blankets in your outdoor storage box, giving you a picture-perfect backyard that still has everything you need in it—without having to grab anything from inside the house.

Are outdoor storage boxes waterproof?

Every storage box is different. As with any furniture or storage purchase, it’s important to make sure the model that works for your backyard also works for your needs. Most patio storage trunks and boxes are waterproof with a UV resistant finish, but it’s a good idea to double check product descriptions if waterproofing is an important feature for you.

What should I be storing in my patio box?

There is plenty of flexibility in what your storage box can hold. From poolside towels to gardening gloves, most items can be stored in your patio box.

However, make sure that everything you store outdoors is heat safe. Some outdoor products such as sunscreen can degrade due to temperature fluctuations, especially during the summer months. The UV coating of your patio storage bin is a great way to keep colours from fading, but can’t provide the temperature control that all products need.

How large of a storage box do you need?

The size of your storage box depends on what you plan to store in it. You’ll need a much smaller box to store miscellaneous items like toys and gardening tools than you will to store textiles for an outdoor furniture set.

If you’re buying a new deck box in order to keep the cushions of your patio furniture vivid and clean, make sure to account for width. You’ll want to make sure that your cushions fit into the box horizontally or vertically, as folding them can damage the foam over time.