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PC Gaming Takes Video Games to the Next Level

Video game fans who want to elevate their experience to the next level choose PC games. Leveraging the computing and graphics power of a PC means more intense visuals, bigger worlds, more control options and thousands of titles to choose from. Why stop at HD, when many PC games support 4K resolution? You can even play PC games on a laptop, for a truly portable experience.

Pick Your Genre

PC games cover every genre imaginable. Choose an RPG and you can customize your own avatar, interact with thousands of other players online and explore a massive virtual world. Play a simulator game and you can take the wheel and all the controls in an ultra-realistic version of your favourite vehicle. Or, command virtual armies as they battle against overwhelming odds in a contest that pits your strategy against the PC or online human opponents.

Something for Everyone

PC games are available for any player, no matter how old they are. Each game is evaluated and given a rating—from Everyone to Mature—that clearly indicates the recommended age range for players.

Coming Soon, Pre-Orders and New Releases

Gamers like to stay on top of the latest titles. New Releases are the hot new PC games that have just arrived. Pre-orders ensure PC gaming fans can purchase their copy in advance of it actually shipping. This guarantees they’ll get that game the moment it arrives, instead of worrying about it selling out, and ensures that they’ll be enjoying the action while everyone else is lining up for their copy. Coming Soon covers those must-have games that are generating buzz and that should be on your radar, but aren’t yet at the pre-order stage.

Prepaid Game Cards

DLC—or downloadable content—is a big deal with PC games. Virtual accessories, upgrades and even expansion packs are all available as DLC and they not only make a video game more enjoyable, they extend the playing time so you get more out of it. Prepaid game cards are the perfect choice because they can be used to pay for DLC and subscriptions, without giving out your credit card information online.

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