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Protect Your Pet with New Pet Wearable Technology

If you’ve ever chased your dog after he snuck under your fence or you’ve wondered where your cat has gone off to again, you may have considered a pet tracker and how they work. Wearable tech now works to keep an eye on your much-loved pets, and you can track them wherever they go via GPS with just a few taps on your smartphone.

New tech to track your pets

For people, wearable technology like fitness bands and smart watches means you can track your exercise, sleep, and monitor what you eat. Over the past few years companies have taken that technology and applied it to the pet market, giving insight into your pet’s location, what your pet’s activity level is, or whether or not they’re getting enough rest.

With Pet GPS, bark collars, and cat trackers you can attach a small device to a collar, open your phone, and always maintain a connection with your dog or cat.

Why Your Pet Needs Wearable Tech

Wearable tech like Pet GPS will pinpoint on a map your pet’s exact location. That means if you’re not at home and you want to make sure your pet is, you can just open your phone and check in. If he or she goes missing, you can easily track them via a dog GPS or a cat tracker and go straight to their location, and that means you don’t ever have to worry about a lost pet.

Types of Wearable Technology For Your Pet

There are a few different types of wearables for your pets. A pet GPS tracker can send you a notification if your dog or cat goes beyond your yard, and if they do it can send you a map showing where your pet is.

You can also find pet activity trackers for your pet. A pet activity tracker monitors your pet’s activity 24/7, and you’ll be able to see exactly how much they move during the day so you can keep track of their health. There’s also pet trainers that help you train your pet via a collar that vibrates for behavior correction.

Most pet trackers are lightweight so they’re easy to wear, and many are waterproof in case of rain or sudden jumps in puddles.

You can track your own health and activity with wearable technology. Isn’t it great you can do the same for your pet? You can find all types of pet trackers and pet wearables on Bestbuy.ca right now.