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Portable BBQs for Grilling at Home and on the Go

The sizzle of a steak hitting the BBQ is a sound worth waiting all year for. And with a portable BBQ, you can start this sizzle at more places than just your balcony. From local parks and campgrounds to beaches and backyards, you can take a portable BBQ grill wherever your adventures take you.

What are the Benefits of Portable BBQs?

When it comes to BBQs, bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes, a portable BBQ can serve your needs better than a standard BBQ. Here are some benefits of portable BBQ grills.


The beauty of a portable BBQ is that it’s, well, portable. That’s right -- you can take it with you to the park, your favourite campground, or even your friend’s tailgating party. Most portable grills have handles or wheels, making them to easy move around.


Portable BBQ grills are also compact, making them great for smaller spaces like apartment balconies. Because they’re small, they often need to be placed on a tabletop. Some models, however, come with their own stand or cart. The small size of portable barbecues also makes them easy to stow away for the winter or pack in the trunk for your next camping trip.


If you’re grilling for one or two, a portable barbecue may be the way to go. Fill it with a few burgers, hot dogs, and kebabs, and you won’t waste fuel heating up a grill that’s larger than you need.

What Types of Portable BBQs Are There?

There are three main types of portable BBQ grills.

Portable Charcoal BBQs

Portable charcoal BBQs produce the quintessential chargrilled flavours you’d expect from a BBQ. They’re fueled by charcoal briquettes and reach higher temperatures than other types of BBQs. This makes them great for searing steaks and grilling anything else under the sun.

Portable Propane BBQs

Propane gas is the most common fuel source for portable BBQs. A portable propane BBQ connects to a liquid propane canister for fuel. It heats up quickly and produces consistent heat for even grilling. Though a portable propane BBQ may not produce the same smoky flavour as a charcoal BBQ, you can replicate the results by using wood chips or a smoker box.

Portable Gas BBQs

Some portable BBQs are fuelled by natural gas. If your home has a natural gas line installed, you can easily connect it to a portable gas BBQ for quick, easy grilling without the extra cost of buying propane canisters or bags of charcoal. The downside, though, is you can’t use this grill without a natural gas line – limiting the places you can take this BBQ.

What Should I Look for in a Portable BBQ?

Portable BBQs may be smaller than their standard counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they lack functionality. Consider these features when shopping for the best portable BBQ for you.

Cooking Surface Size

A BBQ’s cooking surface is measured in square inches. Portable BBQs have smaller cooking surfaces than standard BBQs, generally ranging from about 180 to 300 square inches. So, what does this all mean? Well, a 200-square-inch grill can fit about ten 4-inch burgers – more than enough space to feed a few people. If you’re cooking for more, you’ll just have to grill things in rounds rather than all at once.

Temperature Gauge

Propane and gas portable grills offer easier, more consistent temperature control than their charcoal cousins. Look for one with a temperature gauge or thermometer that shows the grill’s internal temperature. A control knob lets you manage the temperature precisely.

Foldable Parts

Folding handles or legs can make a portable BBQ even smaller for transport and storage. Some models even have foldable side shelves for food prep.

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