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Portable Bluetooth speakers are the ultimate music machines

Why get a portable Bluetooth speaker?

The list of reasons for having a portable Bluetooth speaker is almost endless: camping, RVing, gardening or playing in the yard, or hanging with your friends in the park or at the beach. Even while you’re travelling across the globe, or just sitting at a picnic table enjoying a bite on your lunch break: all these activities can be enhanced with some great tunes, or a riveting podcast. And since none of these places are likely to have an AC plug, a wireless Bluetooth speaker is practically mandatory: it’s the ultimate portable music and sound centre.

Easy to connect, easy to move, plus great sound

Portable Bluetooth speakers stream playlists easily from your phone or other device in seconds, without the restriction of a cable. Most wireless speakers are compact and easy to tote around but that doesn't mean they skimp on sound quality.

Today's portable Bluetooth speakers are loaded with some seriously advanced sound technologies and powerful drivers that deliver your favourite songs in rich, crisp clarity.

Indoors or outdoors: portable Bluetooth speakers are versatile

Portable Bluetooth speakers can be used indoors or out, but if you want them for outdoor use, ensure they’re IP rated; this rating determines how much the speaker is protected from water or dust getting inside. If you just want something to use around the house, workshop or when you’re travelling, you can worry less about waterproof capabilities.

What features should you look for in wireless speakers?

If hiking trails or mountain biking are your hobbies, you’ll want to consider a Bluetooth speaker that’s shock-proof as well as waterproof; shockproof or drop-proof speakers are durable and tough enough to take a beating and keep on playing.

Many portable Bluetooth speakers promise long battery life, but if you’ll be taking yours on the road for a few days, you might want to ensure your speaker has ultra-long battery life. Many portable speakers can play music and audio for up to 24 hours on a single charge, making them great for travellers and those on the go.

Bigger and badder Bluetooth speakers

There’s a new class of portable Bluetooth speaker emerging: these speakers are still portable, and can run wirelessly, but they’re much bigger and way more powerful than the pocket sized ones for your carry-on.

These so-called party speakers are designed to fill your space with sound, while still being moveable—some even have wheels so you can cart them along easily.

Lights & action: party effects in portable Bluetooth speakers

Looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that’s a little more fun than average? You can find speakers nowadays with built in lighting, sound effects, and even karaoke features. Take about a party in a box! With strobing, or light effects that pulse to the music, or other fun features, you can be the roving nomadic DJ that your friends need.

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