Portable dishwashers make clean up easy

If you have a kitchen without a permanent dishwasher connection or you live in a rental but you still want an easy, convenient way to wash your dishes, portable dishwashers are a must have. They are portable, easy to move, and will wash and sanitize your dishes until they are sparkling clean.

What are portable dishwashers?

A portable dishwasher is a dishwasher that can be moved around your kitchen. You can find portable dishwashers with wheels you can stow in a closet until you need it or you can choose a portable countertop dishwasher that sits on your counter.

Portable dishwashers attach to your kitchen faucet via a fitting called a unicouple. You’ll need to turn on your hot water for the dishwasher to work, the portable dishwasher will drain directly into your sink, and to power it you’ll plug it directly into a standard wall outlet.

Benefits of portable dishwashers

Portable dishwashers are smaller and less expensive than built-in dishwashers. Because they connect to your sink when you need them, you can control the water pressure that flows to your dishwasher too.

If you have a small kitchen you’ll love having a portable dishwasher. When you are done running your dishwasher cycle you can roll it into a closet and stow it away until you need it again. You’ll also love how, if you live in a rental and you plan on moving in the future, you can take your portable dishwasher with you.

While they are small in size, a portable countertop dishwasher or 18 inch portable dishwasher is incredibly efficient when it washes your dishes. This type of dishwasher will wash your dishes just as well as a built-in dishwasher.

Considerations when choosing a portable dishwasher

Portable appliances are great options for a small family or small space. While the best portable dishwashers have small interiors, you can still consider which features you’d like to customize your dishwasher.

Portable dishwashers have features like hard food disposers and adjustable tines on the top and bottom rack to allow for larger items. You can also access unique cycles like Sanitize to remove 99% of germs on your dishes, and many small portable dishwashers are Energy Star certified.

Whether you find your new portable dishwasher on sale or you’re looking for a specific model of portable countertop dishwasher, you’ll find the best portable dishwasher for your home on Best Buy.