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Light up your campsite with camping lights and outdoor power

Camping is a favourite pastime in Canada, and when it gets dark at night, you can illuminate the area with camping lights and outdoor power.

How to light your outdoor space

Whether you’re camping, in an RV, fishing, or even in case of emergency at home, camping lights can come in handy. Use everything from a lantern to a solar light to add some illumination to the area. Handheld flashlights are smart for personal lighting as you walk around or sit by the fire, though chest and head lamps are convenient since they keep your hands free.

Camping lights can be powered by replaceable and/or rechargeable batteries, propane (for lanterns), or even solar power from the sun. Some offer a combination of power options. For those that are rechargeable, it’s useful to have outdoor power as well to keep them charged up through the trip.

This can range from large portable power stations that offer anywhere from 50 up to 1,000 watts of power to small, portable power banks that can give a lantern or flashlight a few extra boosts.

What types of camping lights are available?

As noted, camping lights are available in a variety of form factors, including lanterns, head and chest lamps, flashlights, solar lights, and backup power that comes with an added light function.

Keep camping lights going with outdoor power products, like portable power stations, back-up batteries, foldable solar generators and panels, and batteries for camping lights that can be charged by removable and replaceable batteries. They typically come in AC, USB, or even 12V DC for charging in the car. One portable power station along with a combination of lanterns for the main area and headlamps or flashlights as well as a solar panel for individual use while walking around is a good set-up to keep things going all night.

Camping lights can also come in handy for use in an RV during road trips as well as during other outdoor activities, like fishing and hiking. It’s smart to keep camping lights as well as outdoor power at home in case of emergency.

Features to look for in camping lights and outdoor power

When it comes to outdoor power equipment, you need enough power and ports to charge up all your devices, whether it’s a single smartphone or tablet, flashlight or lantern, or even small appliances. It should also have short circuit or over-load protection. Solar power is always useful as a back-up when all else fails, so a portable power device that uses solar power or can work with an optional solar panel, or solar camping lights, are worth considering.

The best camping lights sport a waterproof and rugged design for dealing with the outdoor elements and potentially harsh or inclement weather. To move around with ease, find a camping light with a handle or opt for a chest or head lamp. For communal use, have one that’s heavy enough to sit securely on a table or use a hanging lantern on a twig or branch.

Some camping lights come with added convenience features like Thermacell to fend off mosquitoes, aqua strobe LED camping lights, or a built-in Bluetooth speaker.