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Power Wheels and Powered Ride On Toys: Fun on Wheels

For most adults, wishing they were younger is nothing new. Whether it's prompted by creaking in the joints just after getting out of bed, or those pesky white hairs that keep popping up in ever-increasing numbers, it's pretty common for us to wish we could roll back the clock. 

However, there's one type of product that might be responsible for more wishes for the existence of the Fountain of Youth than any other: battery powered ride on toys. Frequently referred to by the popular brand name of Power Wheels, these awesome toys look just like real vehicles and can be used to zip around on suburban sidewalks. And they're only made for kids. (Sigh.) 

Types of Electric Ride On Toys 

The variety of electric ride on toys has exploded in recent years. Browse through Best Buy's selection and you'll see power ride on cars that look like pick-up trucks, sports cars like Corvettes and Ferraris, monster trucks, police cars, ATVs, motorcycles, and more. 

Pick up a few models for your kids and you'll be able to brag to your friends (truthfully, this time) that you've got a Lamborghini in your garage, right next to the Jaguar. 

Benefits of Ride On Toys 

The most obvious benefit of electric ride on cars is that they're a heck of a lot of fun to play with. (Maybe it's good that they're too small for adults, otherwise the kids would never get a turn to drive.) 

Aside from the endless amounts of fun, kids will also enjoy heaps of independent play, which can build confidence, improve hand-eye coordination, and spark creativity. Just watch as your little ones pretend they're police officers, chasing down a fleeing bad guy and extending the long arm of the law. 

These toys, whether they're Power Wheels cars or made by other manufacturers, also encourage your tots to spend some quality time outside so they can soak up some vitamin D and explore the world around them. 

Age Considerations 

Most power ride on toys are meant for kids 3 years or older. As for a maximum age or weight, please check the toy's requirements because different models have different weight and age restrictions. 

Features and Materials 

Remember those ride on cars you used to play with as a kid, where you had to push the pedals to make it go? Modern-day powered ride on cars have taken it to a whole new level with features like battery-powered motors, power-lock brakes, multiple speeds (forward and reverse), and sturdy plastic-and-metal construction.