FAQ About Projectors

Set up an outdoor movie theatre with an outdoor projector or show off your latest business presentation with a business projector. A business projector or home theatre projector can bring entertainment and exhibitions to life on a large, cinematic screen. If you're considering a projector for the home or office, check out these answers to some commonly asked questions.

When should you consider a projector versus a TV?

Do you want to recreate the atmosphere of a movie theatre in your own home? With a home theatre projector and a projector screen, you can do just that. Projector screens are often bigger than the biggest flat-screen TVs, allowing you to experience your favourite movies and TV shows in larger-than-life detail.

What's the difference between DLP, LCD, and LED projectors?

A DLP projector (digital light processing) uses thousands of tiny mirrors to project cinematic picture from Blu-ray, DVD, and HDTV sources, while offering superior frame rates for buttery-smooth action. Similar to a TV, an LCD projector (liquid crystal display) uses 3 liquid crystal panels to offer greater brightness and colour saturation in rooms with ambient light. LCD projectors can also deliver sharper images for data like spreadsheets, text, and graphics. An LED projector uses an LED light source, resulting in a longer lamp life that can last the lifetime of the projector. 

Also discover projectors from Epson, considered the world leader in high-resolution projection technology. Epson 3LCD technology utilizes three-individual LCD chips for each colour of RGB which results in incredible brightness, colour accuracy, and image detail for an exceptional home theatre experience.

What features should you look for in a projector?

When shopping for your ideal projector, the main factors to consider are resolution, brightness, contrast ratio, throw ratio (short throw projectors or ultra short throw projectors), and maximum screen size. If you're building a large home theatre with a sizeable projector screen, consider a 4K projector for crystal-clear, realistic detail. If your movie collection includes 3D favourites, look for a home theatre projector with 3D support. To minimize the clutter of wires, consider a wireless projector with technologies such as Wi-Fi and Wi-Di. Portable projectors or pocket projectors are ideal for delivering presentations when you're traveling or on the go. 

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