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Whether you're looking to replace a broken range, upgrade your old stove, or remodel your entire kitchen, Best Buy Canada is your one-stop shop for all your cooking appliance needs.


If you're looking to replace an old or broken range, you've got a couple of options depending on how your kitchen is set up. A slide-in range is ideal for placing in between cabinets, as it doesn't have finished sides. A free-standing range has finished sides and can be placed almost anywhere in your kitchen. That means you can use a free-standing range in place of a slide-in, and if you decide to remodel your kitchen you've got flexibility as to where you can put your range.

If you're upgrading your range or renovating your kitchen you'll want to consider a few other things. The biggest one is electric-powered vs. gas-powered. This affects the type of cooktop your new range will have. Most people are probably familiar with the classic electric range with coil cooktops, which are fast heating with consistent, high-quality heat. Gas burners give you precise heating allowing for high-heat and simmer burners.

If you don't have a gas hookup, then your choice is simple. Otherwise, consider what kind of technology you want in your range such as a convection oven with a self-cleaning feature or maybe an induction cooktop, for those thinking electric.

Wall Ovens

If you're remodelling your kitchen chances are you're looking to maximize the space in your kitchen. A wall oven is a perfect solution. Similar to range ovens, wall ovens feature convection heating and self-cleaning technology, and come in large capacities in both single and double ovens.

A wall oven isn't just for those remodelling their kitchen. It can make a nice upgrade to any kitchen, especially if you've got a large family, giving you the flexibility to cook multiple dishes while still keeping the range that you have.


If you've decided on a wall oven over a range then you're going to need a cooktop. As with ranges, you'll want to consider the same options: gas vs. electric and induction vs. coil. Induction cooktops offer fast instant heat with precise control, better energy efficiency than coil burners, and are easy to clean since the only part of the stove that gets hot is where your pan makes contact with the burner. So, spills don’t get burned onto the surface.

Range hoods and Over-the-range microwaves

Proper ventilation is important to consider when you're replacing or upgrading your range hood, or renovating your kitchen. Nothing clears away smoke or unwanted food odours better than a good range hood. The alternative to a range hood is an over-the-range microwave. It offers incredible convenience, frees up valuable counter space, and acts as a ventilation hood. But, keep in mind that over-the-range microwaves don't offer the same smoke-clearing ventilation abilities of an effective range hood.