See small print clearly again with reading glasses

Everyone’s eyes change as they grow older. When you find your eyes get tired while reading or looking at the computer or you’re having a hard time reading small print, it might be time for a pair of reading glasses.

How do you know you need reading glasses?

There are a few indicators you might be ready for a pair of reading glasses. You might find yourself trying to focus on the small print in a book or on your phone and you can’t quite see it. Or, your eyes get tired when you’re staring at your computer screen or print. You may even be experiencing headaches or seeing a halo around words when you’re trying to focus.

If you’ve experienced any of these issues recently, you may want to try a pair of reading glasses.

What causes you to need reading glasses?

Aging will affect vision, and once you are over the age of 40 you may begin to experience a gradual loss of your ability to focus on small print or objects. This natural and gradual loss of vision is called Presbyopia, and it begins to be noticeable in the mid-40’s.

While there is no way to reverse Presbyopia, you can easily correct it with a pair of reading glasses. There are many different styles of reading glasses to choose from, and you can choose designer reading glasses, use computer reading glasses to protect your eyes from blue light and see your computer screen without eye fatigue, or just choose a pair of glasses for reading books.

Do you need a prescription for reading glasses?

You don’t need a prescription for reading glasses, and you can choose the best reading glasses online and find them in a wide range of reading powers or magnifications. The range of magnification for non-prescription reading glasses is generally +0.25 to +6.00.

Choosing a pair of non-prescription reading glasses is a great way to save money if you find you frequently lose your glasses or you’d like to have a pair of computer reading glasses and a pair of multi-focus reading glasses.

Are there any negative effects of reading glasses?

Reading glasses are designed for occasional use when you want to see small print. There are no negative effects to wearing reading glasses. Presbyopia results in the gradual loss of vision due to aging whether you wear reading glasses or not, so these types of glasses won’t affect your vision in the long term and they can’t weaken your eyes any further.

What strength reading glasses you need?

There are charts online you can print off to test what strength of reading glasses you need. There are several different strengths, and you’ll find most people generally need strengths from 0.75, 1.00, to 1.25. If you’re looking for computer reading glasses to block blue light, you’ll find many pairs available with 0.00 strength.

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