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Bring the Family Together with Rec Room Games

Whether you call it your rec room, games room, family play area, or rumpus room, there's a space in every home where the family can gather to play fun games and raise a ruckus. Some of your most cherished family memories can come from nights spent whacking a table tennis ball back and forth over the little net until it's time for bed or gathered around a foosball table, competing for the title of the Best Foosball Player in the Entire Universe.

Set the scene for your own family fun time with the best family games and games room furniture. Choose from the wide selection of games and activities on Best Buy and soon you can have a fully-stocked rec room that'll be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Table Tennis

There's something inherently satisfying about using a paddle to smack a little ball so it sails over the net and past your flailing opponent. Whether you're an aspiring world table tennis champion or a newbie who's never held a paddle before, you can shop Best Buy for the table, paddles, balls, and accessories you need to enjoy this great game.

Table Hockey

We Canadians love hockey so much we want to play even if there isn't any ice around. As long as there's a puck (or a puck-like object) and a way to score, we're all in. An air hockey table provides the perfect opportunity to channel your inner Gretzky (or Crosby or Wickenheiser, if you prefer) as you try to guide that slippery little puck/disk into your opponent's net.

Dart Games

Bullseye! There's nothing like that rush of triumph when your dart lands right in the centre of a dart board. Stock your games room with a dart board and steel tip or soft tip darts so you can play fun games like Round the Clock, Cricket, or Seventeen Skunk (yes, that's an actual game).


Some people prefer to manipulate the handles on a foosball table with tactical precision, while others spin the rods as furiously and randomly as they can. Bring home a foosball table and you can host your own family tournaments to see which approach will ultimately triumph: skill or chaos?

Indoor Basketball

Lay the groundwork for your little ones to become slam-dunking superstars by equipping your rec room with an indoor basketball net. From carnival-style basketball systems that can keep score to simple hoop-and-backboard sets that fit on the back of a door, you'll find something that the basketball lovers in your family can play for hours on end.


No games room is ever truly complete until it hosts a pool table. As your kids learn how to rack the balls, chalk a cue stick, and estimate angles, they'll go from complete beginners to experienced players and, hopefully, lovers of this wonderful game. Browse our selection of pool tables, accessories, and furniture so you can create the perfect billiards setup for your rec room.

Other Rec Room Products

The selection of rec room games on Best Buy is growing all the time. Click your way through our site and you'll see casino games, multi-game tables, arcade games, board games, and much more!