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Discover a refrigerator that suits your needs and lifestyle

Choosing the right refrigerator for you

Today, refrigerators are more than just kitchen appliances that preserve your food. The right fridge complements your individual cooking style and acts as the centerpiece in your kitchen. With a variety of designs, features, and aesthetics to choose from, you'll need to ask questions about your lifestyle to find a refrigerator that satisfies your unique food storage needs.

Do you consider yourself a traditionalist? If so, the classic top freezer refrigerator may be perfect for you. Ranging from 15 to 22 cubic feet, this type of fridge dedicates the top third of its space to the freezer, giving you easy access to frozen foods. Since this is the most common design, top freezer refrigerators are the most affordable models on the market.

Bottom freezer refrigerator

bottom freezer refrigerator is a great option for the environmentally conscious individual. This refrigerator places the freezer at the bottom so it's closer to the compressor. By doing this, the compressor doesn’t need to work as hard, therefore saving energy and lowering your monthly bills. At the same time, the fridge is now at eye level so you can access fresh food faster, while the freezer comes furnished with a sliding drawer so you can see everything with a simple pull.

Side-by-side refrigerator

Got a family to feed? A side-by-side refrigerator gives easy access to both fresh and frozen foods for every family member, including your children. With the freezer and fridge placed beside each other, fresh and frozen foods are now at eye level so you don't have to reach or bend over. Featuring capacities of up to 30 cubic feet, this fridge design offers plenty of food storage space. Filtered ice and water dispensers are also common features that add convenience to your everyday life.

French door refrigerator

Turn your kitchen into a place of sophistication with a French door refrigerator. This trendy fridge model combines a bottom freezer and side-by-side refrigerator for a design that's both stylish and energy efficient. The 2 doors keep cold air from escaping, while the bottom freezer is placed closer to the compressor to minimize energy use. French door refrigerators are highly popular because of their style, spacious size (up to 26 cubic feet), and added features such as a filtered ice and water dispenser. As a result, they tend to be pricier than other kinds if refrigerators.

All-fridge refrigerator

Are you a fresh food enthusiast? An  all-fridge refrigerator is an ideal solution if you find that you barely use your freezer. It's also a great option for households that already have a standalone freezer in the basement or garage. With an all-fridge refrigerator, you'll enjoy up to 20 cubic feet of storage space so you have plenty of fresh food at your fingertips.

Get the designer look with a counter depth refrigerator

Achieve that designer kitchen look you've been yearning for with a counter depth refrigerator. This type of fridge fits perfectly with your cabinets so you don't have to undergo costly renovations or purchase an expensive built-in refrigerator. Equipped with finished sides, these models don't need to be fastened to a wall, making them an affordable way to get that appealing built-in look.

Spruce up the man cave or games room with a bar fridge

bar fridge is a necessity for any man cave or games room. This space-saving appliance keeps your beverages and snacks perfectly chilled and readily available so you don't have to run up or down the stairs to the kitchen. Boasting a compact design, bar fridges can be placed underneath counters or in areas where space is limited. Some models feature freezer compartments so you can keep ice, ice cream, and other treats on hand.

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