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Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases: Everyday Protection and Style

If you’ve ever accidentally dropped, scratched, bashed, or shattered your smartphone then you already know just how valuable a phone case can be. If you haven’t experienced this special kind of horror yet, then count your lucky stars. But go caseless at your own risk—it only takes one simple mishap to turn your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S10e into a very expensive paperweight.

So, before disaster strikes, take the time to house your S10e in a stylish protective phone case. You’ll save hundreds and hundreds of dollars (if not more) in potential repairs, all while adding some extra form and function to your phone.

Finding the Right Size Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

Choosing a case for your S10e starts with getting the right size. The S10 series includes three different models (the S10e, S10, and S10+) and each model has a different screen size. The S10e has a screen size of 5.8 inches, making it smaller than the S10 (6.1 inches) and S10+ (6.4 inches). So, before you choose a case, make sure it’s specifically designed for use with the S10e.

Types of Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases

Which type of case is for you? That mostly depends on your day to day, as well as your own tastes and preferences. Do you want to maximize protection? Then look for a hard shell case, as they typically offer the most protection against drops and other accidents. If protection isn’t as important to you, try a slim case, which will guard your phone from scratches and minor accidents without adding extra weight and bulk.

If on-the-go organization is a concern, you might want to try a folio case or wallet case. These cases offer a balance of all-around protection (including a handy cover flap that helps prevent screen scratches) plus a variety of pockets and sleeves for credit cards and cash.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Case for your S10e

The type of material a case is made from goes a long way toward defining it’s form and function. Cases made from hard plastic like ABS tend to offer the most robust protection from drops and other accidents. Cases made from leather or fabric offer less drop protection but are generally lightweight and more stylish than cases made from harder materials. Cases made from flexible materials like silicone or rubber offer a good balance of protection and lightweight design.