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A screen protector will keep your Samsung device looking and performing at its best

What is a screen protector and why should you get one for your Samsung device?

Samsung screen protectors add an extra layer of protection over top the device’s screen to protect it from scratches, cracks, shattering, light impacts, and dings, as well as smudges and fingerprints. They have added advantages, too, like helping to reduce glare in bright sunlight, and privacy against nosy onlookers trying to catch a glimpse of the phone from off-centre.

Samsung screen protectors come in many forms, including thin plastic films, clear TPU, tempered or other forms of glass, or even liquid. They are applied carefully overtop a mobile device’s screen using installation tools that help prevent bubbles from forming underneath. Where necessary, they have cut-outs for things like the speaker or button. Once applied, they serve as a layer between your phone or tablet screen and the world around you.

What types of screen protectors can you get for your Samsung phone or tablet?

At the most basic level are thin plastic films that can be placed overtop the screen, positioned accurately and smoothed out to prevent bumps. Glass screen protectors are easier to apply since they aren’t as flimsy. But they still need to be applied using tools to remove air bubbles from beneath the surface and ensure proper alignment with the phone’s edges. Screen protectors are transparent, though some are designed with extra coating to prevent onlookers from seeing what’s on your screen.

Samsung curved phones require special curved screen protectors. Some of these such screen protectors feature gaps on either side to fit nicely alongside fitted cases, while others cover the entire screen, including the curved edges.

How to select the best Samsung screen protector for your phone or tablet?

If you use your phone or tablet on-the-go, throwing it into a purse or backpack where it could get scratched by other items like keys, pen caps, or zippers, look for an ultra-durable screen protector with stronger resistance, such as one made with heat tempered glass. This would also be useful for tablets that are often used by young children with slippery fingers.

Make sure you can still get full touch sensitivity of the screen under the protector, that it’s resistant to smudges and fingerprints via an anti-smudge coating, and offers anti-glare features – particularly if you use the device outdoors often for reading, or reside where the sun frequently shines bright. You also want to maintain a natural viewing experience - with a great screen protector, you don’t even know it’s there.

Some screen protectors come bundled with cases, though you might want to upgrade to something stronger. Installation can be done on your own or have someone do it in store for a small fee to ensure proper application.