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A Quick Look at Satellite Radio

Best Buy carries an assortment of satellite radios and satellite radio accessories, so you can enjoy your favourite programs in the car or in the house. XM and SIRIUS satellite offer everything you need to enjoy their subscription services, so no matter where you live, you’ll always be able to access the best stations. And with a dock, boombox, antenna, and more to choose from, you’ll discover a truly enhanced experience that’s out of this world.

Learn More about Satellite Radio

Sirius satellite radio offers a wide selection of devices that you can use in or out of the car. And with it, you can access over 100 channels of commercial-free music, as well as sports, talk, a comedy programs for a yearly fee.

XM satellite radio also offers a wide variety of portable tuners that you can take from the car and bring it into your home. You can save your favourite channels and enjoy just about everything while you make your way around town.

A great accessory for your portable tuner is a universal boombox. At home or at a friend’s place, you’ll be able to take your satellite programs wherever you go. And just like a traditional boombox, every sound will come through crisp, rich and clear.