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Food Scales, Thermometers, & Timers: Must-Have Tools for Every Kitchen

When it comes to creating mouthwatering meals again and again and again, a little precision goes a long way. You need the right ingredients, in the right proportions, cooked for the exactly the right amount of time. If you’ve just been winging it in the kitchen all these years, it might be time to add a food scale, kitchen timer, or cooking thermometer to your meal-making routine. Your taste buds, friends, and family (and maybe even your bathroom scale) will thank you.

What’s the Best Food Scale for My Kitchen?

When it comes to choosing a food scale for your kitchen you’ll likely be choosing between a digital scale or a dial scale. Each one has its pros and cons, so it depends on your specific needs. Digital food scales are more precise than dial scales, and because of their flat design they’re easy to tuck away in a drawer when not being used. They also usually include some handy extra features as well, such as the ability to quickly convert measurements at the touch of a button.

Dial scales, by contrast, are usually a little bit bigger and bulkier, and not as precise. However, you don’t have to worry about getting a dial scale wet or the battery running out of power in the middle of your meal prep.

Another option is a compact food scale. These fold up into a super small and travel-friendly size, making them ideal for anyone who takes their cooking skills on the road, or anyone with a kitchen where storage space is in short supply.

Do I Really Need a Food Thermometer?

A food or digital meat thermometer is an essential part of food safety, especially when it comes to cooking larger dishes, such as a whole turkey or chicken. When meat is undercooked, you run the risk of making anyone who eats it severely sick. And a food thermometer is the only way to know with absolute certainty that every part of a particular dish is safe and ready to chow down on.

But food safety isn’t the only reason to add a food thermometer to your kitchen drawer or backyard barbeque. Knowing when a dish is the perfect internal temperature helps ensure you don’t overcook it and dry and it out. So whether you’re cooking a giant turkey for holiday dinner, or sizzling up burgers on the BBQ, a thermometer helps ensure your meals are cooked to mouthwatering perfection.

Why Every Kitchen Needs a Cooking Timer

What’s the secret sauce that makes every dish and baked good just about a million times better? Timing, of course. It doesn’t matter if you’re baking cookies or cooking a casserole, too much or too little time in the oven or on the stove and all your hard work could be for nothing. That’s why a digital cooking timer or egg timer is any good cook’s best friend. Adding one to your cooking routine also means you can stop using your wet or flour-covered hands to access the timer on your smartphone.