FAQ About Security Cameras

We live in increasingly uncertain times. With so much uncertainty the safety of your home and family is paramount. But protecting them shouldn't be difficult. A security camera system is an easy way to offer you and your loved ones some peace of mind.

Are there different types of security cameras?

Yes, there are 2 basic types of home security cameras: wired and wireless. Wired cameras are hard wired to the security system, meaning you need to physically string power and data cables from a central hub or recording device to each individual camera. Wireless security cameras transmit the video signal via WiFi, offering a live stream and remote access from your mobile device or computer. Remember that wireless cameras send the video signal wirelessly, but still require a power outlet.

What kind of security camera(s) do I need?

For monitoring the inside of your home, you'll need an indoor camera. For the exterior of your home, choose an outdoor camera. Also, some security cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors. Indoor cameras offer flexibility and can be placed anywhere in a room. Outdoor cameras are designed to work in tough weather conditions and record sharp images even in low or zero light.

What should I consider when purchasing a security camera(s)?

First-time buyers should purchase a standalone IP camera  or a package system. These camera systems provide you with everything you need for installation. For those with an existing security camera system, consider an add-on camera. An add-on camera doesn't work on its own, but can be easily integrated into a compatible existing system.

What else should I consider when choosing a home security camera?

When considering a wired system make sure it comes with a recording device. Many security camera packages come with a DVR for video recording, but some don't so you may need to buy one separately. Also, consider purchasing cameras with built-in sensors. A security camera with integrated motion sensors can begin recording as soon as it detects motion.

Are security cameras secure?

Internet-enabled security cameras are about as secure as a 2-tonne rhino behind a chain-link fence. By their very nature, security cameras with internet access are meant to be remotely monitored and controlled. Unfortunately, hackers can exploit this if you let them. Protect yourself by ensuring that the camera you're purchasing has an encrypted connection. Plus, you should change the default password for the camera system, as well as your network's router.

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