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No More Gloom in Grooming

Toss the disposables and manage your body mane more professionally with today’s advanced technology shaving and personal grooming tools. From electric razors and epilators to precision trimmers for face, nose, ear, and body for both men and women, it’s easy to groom head-to-toe right at home without pain, high price, or public exposure. Shop Best Buy’s great selection of body hair care products from trusted brands like Philips, Panasonic, and Braun.


Today’s shavers let you style, trim, and bald out the hairy areas you want gussied up or just plain gone. Wet/dry capabilities, rechargeable units with long lasting battery power, and self-cleaning features on ergonomic non-slip grip designs make shaving a cinch. Multi-blade flex systems made to follow the contours of men’s and women’s bodies ensure the closest shave anywhere, everywhere.  


For giving your beard some style or trimming your ‘stache down a notch, precision trimmers come with various comb sizes and interchangeable heads designed for different areas and details. Use haircutting heads for big areas, then give style and contour to facial hair or clean up your eyebrows, nose and ear stragglers with smaller size and length head settings. Keep it all under control with one simple, discreet trimmer tucked away in your medicine cabinet.  


Forget messy shaving gels and painful wax. Home epilator units let you get rid of unwanted hair for up to four weeks by pulling out hairs as small as 0.5mm right at the root. Interchangeable heads allow for grooming in small areas like bikini lines and armpits where up to 20 power tweezers pluck vigorously without coming into direct contact with the skin, which means less pain and more gain for your hair removal routine.