Savor perfectly cooked rice, minus the effort.

Efficient rice cookers for busy homes and your shortcut to delicious meals.
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Make Perfect Rice Every Time

Fluffy, perfectly-cooked rice is truly an art form. Thankfully for those of us who can never seem to get it right, there are rice cookers from Panasonic, Cuisinart, and Hamilton Beach that will take all the guesswork out of it. Pull out those rice cooker recipe books because these machines are so simple to use that all you have to do is add rice, a liquid of your choice, set it and forget it. In no time at all, you’ll be cooking perfect rice like a pro – with a little help, of course.

Simple to Use

Even when you have the right ratio of liquid to rice, there’s always that fine line between perfectly-cooked and the burnt rice that gets stuck to the bottom of your pot. The best rice cooker helps you make it perfect every time. Fill the measuring cup with rice and water, then close the lid, flip a switch, and wait. No burning. No undercooked grains. Only perfection.

White Rice is So Yesterday

Hit the rice aisle of your local grocery store and you’ll find a wide selection of black, white, Basmati, Jasmine, Arborio, and more types of rice than you can imagine. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, some rice cookers even let you set it to cook a variety of types so you never have to worry about choosing the right settings. For more flavourful rice, add seasonings, butter, or use a liquid other than water such as chicken stock.

Size and More

The size of your rice cooker will depend on the size of your household. If you make rice a lot for your brood, then a 10-20-cup rice cooker might be ideal while a smaller cup size will work best for smaller households. Also, you can choose a rice cooker with a vegetable steam rack and cook veggies right inside the airtight unit as well. Two side dishes. One cooker. Win-win.