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Grow your favourite fruit and vegetables in a smart garden

You don’t need to have a big yard if you want to garden, and you don’t need to be an expert on growing plants to enjoy fresh herbs or beautiful flowers. All you need to grow your favourite fruit and vegetables is an indoor smart garden.

An indoor smart garden is a small, indoor garden that takes all the guess work out of growing plants. It automatically monitors the health, growth, and life cycle of whatever you’re growing. Even if you’ve had trouble growing plants in the past, a smart garden product will give you a green thumb in no time.

How does a smart garden work?

An indoor smart garden is a vegetable or herb garden with a built-in computer. All you have to do to use a smart garden is add the included smart soil, choose a few plant capsules, and add water. Once you plug it in, the self-watering smart pots will be taken care of by the computer. It will automatically deliver the water while monitoring the oxygen and nutrient levels. As it has an included light, it will also expertly monitor the light needed to grow your plants.

What can you grow in a smart garden?

Smart garden seeds are called capsules, and there are many different types of capsules you can choose to grow in your smart garden. If you’ve always dreamt of having a herb garden indoor, you can grow one with a smart garden. Smart gardens can grow a variety of herbs including basil, thyme, and cilantro. Interested in growing flowers in your smart garden? Choose petunia, corn flower, or sweet alyssum capsules and watch your window sill bloom. You can also grow delicious strawberries or vegetables like lettuce, spicy peppers, or mini tomatoes.

Refill your smart garden

With a smart garden kit, you can grow the included capsules, and if you want to expand what you grow you can buy refill capsules and smart soil refills. Choose from a variety of vegetables, fruit, herbs, or flowers and watch your garden bloom.

You may even want to have two or more smart gardens in your home, placing them on a shelf in your living room or on the window sill in your kitchen for easy access. Because they are portable and provide their own light, you can place your smart garden anywhere you want to add a little greenery.

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