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A Smartwatch Made for Your Wrist

Wearing a watch can be about more than just telling the time. The growing array of smartwatches now available afford your wrist more control to keep you in the know and leave your smartphone out of sight.

What Can I Do With a Smartwatch

Think of your smartwatch as an extension of your phone. Those notifications you would normally pull out your phone to look at can be seen with a simple glance at your smartwatch. Use apps you love directly on the watch itself, keeping your phone in your pocket or bag as you switch songs, or reply to a text message. Many will track your daily activity and exercises, so you more easily reach fitness goals. And you can go from fun to fancy: switch the band before heading out for a night on the town.

Wear OS by Google™ Smartwatches

Give your Android handset a break and make good use of how Wear OS handles the apps and tasks you rely on most. Keep an eye on directions to a destination while walking on your Wear OS-enabled watch. See the latest email or message come through and read it with a simple swipe. Control music playback with the onscreen buttons.

The level of choice in Wear OS by Google™ smartwatches gives you the chance to go with the look you feel best suits your style. As the platform grows, so do the features, including voice recognition and built-in Wi-Fi for greater independence. Oh, and these smartwatches even work with the iPhone.

Samsung Smartwatches

Running on Samsung’s own Tizen operating system, its line of Gear smartwatches work with both Android and iOS, making it a pretty open proposition. With a unique menu system and layout that crams in the main apps you like to use, plus some of the third-party ones you demand, these are smartwatches that deliver their own brand of fit and finish.

Apple Watch

The smartwatch made for the iPhone, you now have a newer generation to go with that lets you use the apps you love while splashing in water. With thousands of apps already compatible on the WatchOS platform, there’s a good chance you will find a few that you use regularly. Browse through the various straps and designs made for it, and give your wrist a whole new, connected look.

Smartwatch Accessories

Who said you can’t personalize or prioritize your smartwatch? You certainly can with accessories made for smartwatches, such as choosing a new strap to go from plastic in the gym to leather at the dinner table.

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