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Put Your Sound in the Perfect Position with Speaker Stands and Mounts

This is the day your audio dreams come true! You've brought home your new surround sound speaker system, and you can't wait to get it set up so you can sink into your armchair and let the sound wash over you from every direction. 

You unpack the speakers and start moving them into the perfect positions to create the optimum surround sound configuration...and then you stop. Are the speakers supposed to sit on the floor? That doesn't seem right. And because you're a very smart individual, you immediately think of the solution: speaker stands and mounts. 

What Are Speaker Stands and Mounts? 

Simply put, speaker stands are stands used to place speakers at a specific height and position in your room. Speaker mounts attach speakers to surfaces like walls and ceilings. 

Why Do I Need Speaker Stands or Mounts? 

Most speakers don't belong on the floor – not only because it's unsightly, but because you'll get a substandard audio experience. A good stand or mount will place the speaker in the perfect position for awesome sound. 

Speaker stands can also help enhance the room's décor, and some models include cable management features to help tuck messy wires out of the way. 

What to Look for in Speaker Stands 

Here are the main things to keep in mind when you're shopping for a stand: 

Height of the Stand 

The best height for most speakers (especially bookshelf speakers and the front, side, and centre speakers in a surround sound system) is at ear height when you're sitting. Look for stands that raise speakers to that height so you can get the best possible audio experience. 

Keep Your Speakers Secure 

If you live with kids, pets, or a clumsy roommate, you'll want to make sure your speaker stands are not easy to knock over. Some models are designed to be sturdy with wide, heavy bases, which should make them a little more resistant to people (or animals) who don't watch where they're going. 

Some speaker stands include a hole or other method to securely fasten the speaker to the top plate of the stand. Making sure the speaker attaches solidly to the stand can provide further peace of mind. 

Make Sure It's Compatible 

There are a few factors to consider in making sure a stand is suitable for your speaker. Does the colour and design of the stand match or complement your speaker? Is the top plate of the stand large enough to properly support the speaker? Is the stand rated to handle the weight of the speaker? Answering these questions can go a long way towards choosing the perfect stand. 

What to Look For in Speaker Mounts 

If you want to mount your speaker on a wall or the ceiling, keep an eye out for these factors: 


Check to see that the mount can attach properly to the speaker. Trying to attach a speaker to an incompatible mount might end up damaging the speaker. 


Some mounts require a lot of holes to be drilled into the wall or ceiling, while others need fewer holes. If you think you'll have to remove the mount in the near future, keep in mind that the more holes there are, the more stuff you'll have to clean up or fix.