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Specialty Small Appliances: Make Amazing Happen

Specialty small appliances make it easy to accomplish unique tasks in the kitchen. From making homemade bread and pasta to creating your own ice cream and soda, specialty small appliances are the key to taking your culinary skills to the next level. If you’re trying to be a little more creative and fun in the kitchen, specialty small appliances might just be the missing ingredients you’ve been searching for.

Bread Makers, Pasta Makers, and Yogurt Makers

Bread makers take all the hassle and fuss out of baking perfect loaves of fresh hot bread. You just load the ingredients, set it, and forget it. They do all the mixing, kneading, baking, and timing for you. They can even save you money on your grocery bills over the long term, as staples like flour and yeast are comparatively cheaper than buying loaves of bread at the supermarket.

Pasta makers are another popular small appliance, and for good reason. Whether you’re craving spaghetti, fettuccini, or linguine, a pasta maker helps you create restaurant-worthy Italian cuisine right at home.

If you’re looking to whip up healthy snacks, consider a yogurt maker. These let you fine tune the ingredients, additives, preservatives, and even fruits you add, so you can create yogurt that not only tastes amazing but is tailored specifically to your preferences.

Food Dehydrators and Vacuum Sealers

When you’re trying to kick your chips addiction to the curb, the easiest way to pull it off is to replace your unhealthy snacking with healthy snacking. Food dehydrators let you turn all sorts of fruits and veggies into snackable dried foods. Dehydrators can also be used to dry grains, meats, and other ingredients for use in cooking.

Speaking of creating healthier snacks and meals, you might want to add a vacuum sealer to your kitchen. This will let you keep your creations fresher for longer, or ready for the freezer so you can make your groceries last longer. 

Popcorn Makers and Ice Cream Makers

From movie nights to birthdays to those “just because” moments, popcorn and ice cream make everything better. If we’re being honest though, microwave popcorn and store-bought ice cream just don’t cut it. They work in a pinch, but not when you really want to celebrate something special or truly wow your friends. If you’re a fan of movie theatre popcorn (who isn’t?) or parlour-quality ice cream (again, who isn’t?) then consider adding a dedicated popcorn maker or ice cream maker to your kitchen.

Soda Machines and Home Brewing Kits 

When it’s time to kick back and relax, how about popping the top off your own home-brewed beer or pouring yourself a tall ice-cold glass of your own homemade soda? Not only will a soda machine or home brewing kit save you money in the long run, they also give you a chance to show your creative side. Most soda machines also provide a healthier alternative to conventional soda, because they use sparkling water infused with fruit.