Sports Nutrition


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Sports Nutrition

If you’re serious about sports, you know how important fueling your body is. Sports nutrition is imperative in maintaining top athletic performance, so that when you push your body it doesn’t push back.


Protein is an important nutrient that helps build muscle, and aids both performance and tissue recovery. Protein powder is a simple way of boosting your protein intake, as it lets you add it to a smoothie. Mixing protein with fruits and vegetables in a healthy, well-balanced way is key in achieving optimal wellness and physical performance.

Recommended for regularly active folks who are looking to maintain muscle tissue strength during and in between workouts.


Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in the body and supplies energy to cells and muscle. When used as a supplement to a healthy diet it can help well trained athletes increase their strength and endurance.

Recommended for anyone looking to boost strength and anaerobic performance to build lean body mass.


Amino acids are key building blocks for muscle growth and tissue repair. One of the most popular sports supplements available, amino acids are a favourite with bodybuilders, workout junkies and athletes, as muscle performance is one of their primary goals.

Recommended for athletes and bodybuilders looking to grow and repair muscle during training.


Weight Gainers combine optimal proteins with carbohydrates and essential fats to increase caloric intake and promote muscle gain, without the digestive discomfort that comes with ingesting large amounts of calories from whole food.

Recommended for athletes and bodybuilders in training who do not have time to prepare, store and intake the five to eight daily meals required to gain muscle mass.


Energy Boosting Supplements are designed to increase energy, stamina, and performance so you can work out harder and longer. These sports supplements boost body strength while delaying the onset of pain, and save you from the painful crash of caffeine.

Recommended for anyone looking for an extra stamina boost during workouts to increase anaerobic performance.


Energy Bars, Shakes & Drinks pack in proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and more. These sports supplements are designed to keep you and your metabolism moving, providing more sustained power than products with a sugar or caffeine base by using fibre as a carbohydrate source.

Recommended for anyone looking for an extra stamina boost during workouts to increase anaerobic performance.