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Stationery and Desk Items for the Modern Office

The modern office is a blend of the digital and physical worlds. It uses physical tools such as calendars, desk pads, and notecards to optimize your day-to-day, but also increases your productivity through your desktop computer, laptop, and smartphone.

For quick reference points that can't be corrupted, office stationery items remain a vital part of many workplaces. Plus, they still work if you spill a little coffee on them!

Basic office stationeries to keep your desk well-stocked

Basic stationery items include things like pens, staplers, rulers, and scissors. Other paper essentials, like paper clips and staplers, are irreplaceable organizational tools. In an increasingly paperless world, many documents, contracts, and agreements are still kept in physical copy, and need to be stored efficiently and reliably.

Stationery items can also include school stationery, like the coloured pencils and folders that you send your kids to school with. These items tend to be more generic than business stationery, giving your school-aged child the flexibility to learn and create as they go.

Desk items to increase productivity

Stationery supplies usually refer to paper and other writing products, but they can also include desk items that work with your digital needs. Some of the most common must-have desk accessories include things like mouse pads and keyboard covers, but these desk items can have ergonomic functions, too.

Foldable trays, laptop risers, and sit/stand workspace trays can make a big impact in your office life. By easily adjusting your workstation for a better ergonomic fit, they can make you more productive and leave you feeling less tired throughout the day. They're a great option for improving your focus with just a few small habit changes, and can help streamline your process when you're really focused on the task at hand.

Ergonomic desk items in particular are a great way to make a small change to your work-from-home setup to bring back the level of comfort that you have at the office.

Great stationery gift ideas

Never underestimate the power of a great stationery gift. From a kids stationery set for the little girl who wants to be just like her mom to a stack of index cards for a late-in-life learner going back to school, the right stationery gift can show someone that you're invested in their future.

Luxury stationery items and office supplies provide a touch of class, and are something that your gift recipient gets to enjoy every day. Whether it's a pair of specialty scissors or a mouse pad with ergonomic wrist support, stationery gifts are a great idea for people of all ages.