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Take your musical talent to new heights with these Stringed Instruments and Accessories

Stringed instruments give us everything from the smooth violin melodies of a piece of classical music to the piercing guitar solo of a powerful rock and roll anthem. They can be played in perfect harmony as part of a large orchestra, or by themselves around a campfire or in the corner of a trendy coffee shop. Make beautiful music under any circumstance with a vast selection of Stringed Instruments and Accessories.

What is a stringed instrument?

It is typically very easy to identify a stringed instrument, as the strings themselves are almost always prominently displayed on the surface of the instrument itself. Essentially any instrument where strings are made to vibrate in order to produce a sound is considered a stringed instrument.

The frequency of any given string can be altered by adjusting the tension, and then often further manipulated by pressing down on the string somewhere along the instrument (usually on what is referred to a “fingerboard” or “fretboard”). This ultimately allows musicians to play unique notes and melodies on their stringed instrument.

Types of stringed instruments

There are a variety of different musical instruments in the stringed family. Some are played using a tool such as a bow to rub against the strings—causing them to vibrate. Others are designed for “picking”, where the strings are plucked by the player’s fingers, or alternatively by a small plectrum (or “pick”) made of material such as plastic or nylon.

Here are a few of the most common types of stringed instruments:

The violin family

The violin is a four-string instrument that typically rests under the players chin. One hand draws a bow across the strings to produce sound, while the other fingers the strings to change their pitch. It is a high-pitched instrument that is at home everywhere from classical orchestral and chamber music to folk and jazz. The violin can also be known as the “fiddle” particularly in the context of folk music.

Other members of the violin family include the viola, which is slightly larger than the violin, and has a deeper pitch. The cello on the other hand is significantly larger, and plays in a much lower range. It’s also typically played in a sitting position, with the cello resting on the floor.

Finally, the double bass is both the largest and lowest-pitched of the violin family. Similar to the cello, it’s the only member of the violin family that is regularly played with the musician’s fingers rather than a bow, and is most often found in jazz music.

The guitar family

Most fans of western music are very familiar with the six-stringed guitar and its cousin the four-stringed bass guitar. These are the standard instruments that come to mind when people picture a stringed instrument where players pick or strum the strings. However, there are a few other unique instruments in this family as well.

The ukulele for example is a smaller guitar-shaped instrument with four nylon strings. It is a perfect introduction to stringed instruments for young players and beginners, although it sounds great in the hands of a professional as well.

The banjo is a close relative of the guitar as well, but with a thin membrane stretched over round metal frame that makes up the face of the instrument, which helps resonate the vibration of the strings. The banjo does not have one definitive string count, with four, five, and six-string variations all being relatively common. The banjo is particularly at home in western, country, and folk styles of music.

Must-have accessories for stringed instruments

The number one must-have accessory for stringed instruments is, of course, extra strings. Instrument strings wear down over time—both through regular play as well as environmental factors. Even when a stringed instrument is not being played the moisture in the air will cause the strings to degrade, requiring them to be changed regularly for maximum sound quality. Strings can also break at inopportune times, such as in the middle of a performance. It is always a good idea to have a healthy supply of spare strings on hand.

Bows and bowstrings are also key accessories for those who play stringed instruments such as the violin. The strings of a bow also wear down over their lifetime, requiring regular replacement. Bows also typically require a substance such as rosin to be applied regularly in order to increase friction and reduce slippage.

Other must-have accessories for stringed instruments include such staples as instrument stands and carrying cases, straps, guitar picks, capos, electronic tuners, and much, much more.