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  • Tape & Adhesives to Put Everything in Its Place

    Computer engineers, office administrators, and busy parents all have one thing in common: sometimes, you just really need to make something stick. Whether you're organizing cables or taping an art project up on the fridge, make sure you have enough tape and adhesives around to fix and affix as needed.

    Different Types of Tapes and Adhesives

    There are many different kinds of tapes and adhesives, and there's no one "essential" adhesive for a space. Instead, each type of product has a different use.

    When selecting the right product for your home or office, start by considering your needs. Most types of tape offer an instant result, but are visible in the finished product. Most types of glue, on the other hand, take time to set, but can be applied on a hidden side of the object for a more invisible finish. Make sure to consider both convenience and clean-up when making your decision. Products like duct tape leave a sticky residue if they ever need to be removed, while basic glue sticks are washable for easy clean up.

    For simple projects at home and in the office, scotch tape, liquid glue, and glue sticks are common choices to keep around.

    Practical Uses for Office and Specialty Tapes

    Tapes and adhesives with a softer hold (or smaller yield size) are extremely helpful tools to keep stocked in the home or office. Washable glue sticks and scotch tape are great for craft projects, whether you're a family with small children or an office that just needs to decorate for the holidays. Like transparent scotch tape, they're an inexpensive way to make things stick, and they're easy to store.

    There are also specialized tapes and adhesives that help keep an office running smoothly, like double sided tape for sealing envelopes or mounting memos, or packaging tape for preparing products for shipping.

    More specialized tools like washi tape excel in finishing crafts around the home. The soft hold of washi tape makes it easy to remove from a surface without damaging it, and the variety of prints and colours that it's available in makes it great for wrapping gifts or dressing up furniture. Washi tape, which comes from Japan, can be considered to be a thin, decorative version of plain masking tape.

    Tapes and Adhesives for Home Projects

    Sticky substances are essential around the home, too. They have their place in occasional events, like moving and sending mail, and they can keep your home in shape on an everyday basis. Look for products like contact cement, wood glue, and electrical tape to finish your home improvement projects, and make sure not to overlook a simple roll of duct tape! This sturdy, durable tape packs some serious adhesive power, and comes in more colours and prints than you'd believe. It might not fix every problem, but it sure will stick when you need it to.