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Tax Software, Accounting Software, and Finance Software: By the Numbers

Actively managing your money can be a daunting notion, and the first step is always the hardest. Many people are intimidated by the thought of crunching the numbers, and afraid they won't like what they see. But studies show those who closely monitor their finances save more money, faster. There are plenty of software options out there that help make the number crunching easier. Between tax software, financial software, and accounting software, there's a solution for every situation.

Tax Software

While it's up to you how meticulously you want to manage your personal finances, at the bare minimum it's compulsory to provide the Canada Revenue Agency with accurate information about your income. Fortunately, in addition to professional services, there is an abundance of inexpensive and even free software out there to guide you through the process; to do the calculations for you, check for errors, and recommend savings opportunities. For more helpful information, check out Best Buy's tips on how to file your tax return online using NETFILE.

Accounting Software

For everything from small businesses to large companies, there's accounting software to handle advanced finance management. Applications like Sage Accounting software can manage transactions, cash flow, budgets, plus prepare and track bill payments, and generate a full-time audit trail. Account and Payroll software can additionally make paying employees and calculating tax deductions easy and automatic. Accounting software can also collect, track and submit taxes. There are a variety of software options, optimized for companies with single or multiple businesses, locations and/or accounting personnel.

Financial Software

For year-round money management, there's specialized software that can help you keep track of your household or small business finances. Finance software like Quicken Home & Business helps you monitor your banking and investments, track RRSPs, HST, and generate estimates, invoices and reports. You can even identify tax-deductible expenses, and export your data to tax software, like TurboTax. Financial software also helps you with budgeting and financial planning, so you can manage your cash flow, pay down debt, and calculate retirement needs.

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